On the seasons finale, Ashleigh finally establishes on her emotions about Rusty sufficient reason for Casey’s true blessing, initiate relationships him

Rusty tells Andy the secret to getting back in Kappa Tau. After Andy dates the girl Rusty appreciated which will be Rusty’s nothing brother. Even after Rusty preference Jordan the three was family members. While in the a good ZBZ alum relationship, Rusty and Michael jordan hug. Whenever Andy discovered he makes Kappa Tau and later towards Rusty schedules Jordan.

Seasons step three

Jordan and Rusty collectively breakup when Michael jordan decides to lose out of school and you can proceed to Nyc. A few days later on, when you’re during the Comical Swindle, Rusty skypes Jordan and you can requires this lady if they can you will need to generate long distance functions. Jordan accuses Rusty of merely liking the thought of that have a good spouse and you can deposits your permanently. This whole talk accidentally becomes transmitted to the full audience ot the fresh new meeting. Rusty and Dale go to a celebration into expectations of shopping for a mentor to possess a task which could help them get a give off $40,one hundred thousand. Dr. Larson is there, and you may Rusty find that we tend to inquire him so you’re able to mentor your, and Cappie pleasures at the idea, referencing “wade big otherwise go back home”. Dale, yet not, sounds your so you can it, and you may Dr. Larson decides to sponsor your. Dr. Milton Hastings up coming methods Rusty and you can tells him that he will recruit Rusty. Later on, Dale and Rusty fight through Race Bots and you will Rusty puts new game once the Cappie told your that Rusty had relatives, research, together with possibility a wife, if you’re Dale has only science. If the evaluator appear so you’re able to mention new champions, it is said they’re going to mention him or her second semester. Second session, immediately after Wade, Ferret, and you will Jeremy get expelled, Rusty are marketed to Promise Teacher. The guy can not cause them to become esteem him, therefore Cappie delivers Beaver to help you jeopardize them because of the growing along side guarantees with a club. Rusty gets mad one to Cappie doubted him, and you may requires Dale getting company site assist after the guy discusses exactly how pretty sure they are. Due to the fact a back up bundle, Rusty introduced Wade’s cleaver when Dale are meant to intimidate the latest pldges. As the Rusty swung the brand new cleaver to, he affect tossed they in the among the claims, cutting-off their toe. In the event that evaluator eventually have the results for the newest give, Rusty try announced just like the champion. All technologies nerds begin to respect your high, and a girl titled Dana tactics him. She says that she satisfied him during the Freshman Orientation, and you will Rusty walks away. In the “Business to own Dummies” group having Ashleigh, the guy sees a nice-looking blonde sorority girl and you can set his eyes. Ashleigh overs supply your an excellent “technical posh” makeover in order for he is able to rating their to notice your, just after he spoils their chance by the stopping given that a nerd when he bragged regarding the their grant. Erika, new sorority lady, attends the newest geek market within Dobler’s and you may offers on Rusty. The guy runs into Dana and you can forgets the girl identity, and you can strolls to the Erika once more. She informs your just how the she really wished is to own him to solve a few of the lady house tech affairs, in which he was thoroughly dissapointed, and you may productivity so you can his amazing layout. The guy sees Dana with the a table and you may she vents in order to your about how she has has a good break on the him with the earlier 36 months, in which he failed to actually find her. He asks this lady aside and you may she punctually shuts your down.

Seasons 4

Within homecoming cluster, he becomes thus inebriated that he cannot contemplate one thing the next time as he gets up less than a pile away from garbage that have lipstick toward his face and you will a beneficial pierced nipple. He uses the day retracing his actions to determine exactly who he kissed simply to strike a-dead prevent. Fundamentally, he finds out it was Ashleigh which he kissed however, she informs your you to definitely she doesn’t come back their ideas.


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